Senior Pastor

Robert Fonseca serves as the Senior Pastor at Renaissance Christian.  He is married, and he and his wife Mindy have three children- Alyssa, Josiah, and Jonathan.  As senior pastor, Robert’s passion is to see the church body grow in their love for the Lord, one another, and the lost.  A lover of books, Robert likes collecting and reading biblical commentaries and history books.  He especially enjoys the era of Tudor England.

Children’s Ministry

Mindy Fonseca serves as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator.  She and her husband Robert, have three children.  She loves to travel and has a huge “bucket list” of places she hopes to see one day.  Her desire is to see kids grow in their relationship with God and to love Him more each day.

Men's Ministry

John Banman serves as Director of the Men’s Ministry.  He is married and has one son and three grandsons.  As director, his desire is to see men continue to practice the quality and character of Christ’s love toward one another.  In particular, his prayer is that the men will continue to grow in demonstrating a humble, authentic, joyful, committed, and compassionate love toward one another and to a lost and hurting world.  John enjoys anything to do with the ocean including swimming, sailing, snorkeling, or just looking at it.

Women's Ministry

Donna Banman serves as Co-Director for the Women’s Ministry.  Donna is married and has one son and three grandsons.  She is passionate about helping women to grow deeper in their understanding and knowledge of who God is through the study of His word and to help them grow in their love for one another.  She loves being a kid with her grandsons!


Mindy Fonseca serves as Co-Director for the Women’s Ministry.  She is married and has one daughter and two sons.  Her desire is to see women grow in their love for Christ as well as each other.  She loves to travel to new places and spend time with her family.

Youth Ministry

David and Patricia Avila serve as the lead coordinators for the Youth Ministry at Renaissance Christian Church.  They are married and have three children, Carina, Andrew, and Erica.  They desire to see young men and women grow in their love for the Lord, develop as leaders, and mature in their spiritual walk.  Avid UCLA Bruin fans, David and Patricia enjoy going to football and basketball games.

Aaron and Olivia Aleman serve as the Middle School Ministry leaders.  As youth leaders, their goal is to help the middle schoolers understand who they are in Christ and discover what their faith looks like.  Aaron loves to play sports and Olivia is a collector of houseplants.

Jon and Katie Santa serve as leaders in the High School Ministry.  They have three boys, Shane, Hunter, and Luca.  They desire to see young people feed their hunger for the Lord and grow closer in their spiritual walk.  Katie and Jon love to spend time outdoors hiking and exploring nature. 

Worship Ministry

Isy Nieves serves as the Director of Music and Worship.  As worship leader, he oversees the musical growth and coordination of the musicians within the worship ministry.  His desire is to see the worship team consistently lead the congregation in strong, spiritually rich worship.  Isy and his wife, Jessica love to travel.  He also loves a good dad joke…

Media Ministry

David Guido serves as Director of Media at Renaissance Christian Church.  He oversees both Social Media and Sound ministries and is responsible for the video portion of the service and worship.  Additionally, he assists in the area of Marketing and Branding.  He and his wife, Tricia have three children, Ryann, Ethan, and Ava.  David loves the outdoors, rides downhill mountain bikes, and goes mountain climbing regularly.  He has a passion for photography, architecture, and typography.  Additionally, he loves restoring vintage hand tools.

Alyssa Fonseca serves as the Videographer and Photographer at Renaissance Christian Church.  She desires to use her love of photography to be a witness for Christ.  A lover of all things coffee, Alyssa is also a barista.

John Pervorse oversees the Sound Ministry.    He and his wife Karen have two children, Shelby and Andrew.  John’s desire is to ensure that the music and message experience each Sunday is enjoyable and seamless.  John and  Karen have lived in Corona, California for many years.  An engineer by trade, John can do complex math problems in his head- he’s a walking calculator.

Special Events Ministry

Karen Pervorse serves as the Special Events Coordinator.  She and her husband John have two children, Shelby and Andrew.  Shelby is married to Mark Moore and they live in Dublin, Ireland.  Andrew is married to Brittany and they live in Upland, California.  As coordinator, Karen strives to provide a warm and welcoming time of fellowship for everyone attending Sunday services at Renaissance Christian.  She sees each event as an opportunity to build community, develop meaningful relationships, and invite those in need to experience the love of Jesus through food, fun, and fellowship.  Karen has a twin sister who lives in Texas.


John Banman, David Avila, and Robert Fonseca (pictured above) serve as the elders at Renaissance Christian Church.  As elders they desire to help the flock seek God, serve one another, and share the gospel within the community. 

Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing the Gospel

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