Seeking, Serving and Sharing in the midst of a global pandemic


Updated: 5/27/20

Our mission to Seek the Lord, Serve one another and Share the gospel is unchanged by this present pandemic tribulation. Throughout church history all peoples have suffered through the trials and disasters of these “latter days.” Jesus warned his church of false teachers that would arise in the midst of wars and rumors of wars, famines and earthquakes. He cautioned us not to be alarmed by these catastrophes but to trust in his teaching, abiding presence and his return at the end of the age. He promised he would not leave us as orphans but would give us the Holy Spirit to comfort, counsel and lead us into all truth and wisdom. Indeed he promised that he would be with us and his father would fellowship and abide with us through his spirit no matter the trials and tribulations we might suffer in this world. Ironically it is in these very trials and tribulations that he trains us up in him to fulfill the mission he has given us! To this end the elders would like to bring clarity and focus to where we are as a church and how we will continue in our mission to Seek, Serve and Share in the midst of this current trial.


Sunday Services

  1. Live-streaming of our Sunday morning services will continue as we ​seek​ the Lord together via our YouTube channel. It has been awesome to see the number of our channel subscribers hit 100 this past Sunday. This means many of you have been sharing​ the Renaissance Church channel with friends and family, and the reach of the gospel has been extending well beyond our in-person attendance!

  2. Great news! After much prayer and consideration, and in cooperation with First Baptist Corona, we have determined to resume our in-person worship services starting Sunday June 7, 2020! We are opening with the intent of ensuring both the fulfillment of our mission and the health of our congregation. The guidance in the following FAQ pages will allow us as well as challenge us to fulfill our mission to seek, serve and share in our worship service while protecting the health of our church family and is in submission to 1 Peter 5, Romans 13, the CDC, California OSHA, and Riverside County Public Health.


Small Groups

Bible studies will continue to meet via video conferencing for the near future. We are

continuing to pray and seek the Lord with how and when we will return to in-person Bible studies.

Special events and other gatherings

We expect these types of gatherings to remain closed for the near term with the exception of drive-by, drive-in, and other types of outdoor gatherings. More info to follow as we develop guidance for outdoor events.




Updated: 5/27/20

Please read and be prepared to follow this guidance prior to attending services. We recognize that some or all of this guidance may seem burdensome. We believe this is an opportunity for us to serve one another by putting the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ above our own comfort and personal preferences. In this way, we will indeed continue to fulfill our mission to ​seek​ the Lord as we ​serve​ one another by helping to keep each other safer!

  1. Should my family and I attend in-person services?

    • If you are in a high-risk category or feel uncomfortable about in-person

      gatherings at this time and choose to remain at home, we support your decision

      and encourage you to continue to join us via our live-streamed service.

    • If you or a family member has shown any symptoms such as a frequent cough,

      fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell, or if you or someone you live with have been diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask that you stay home and do not attend the in person services until you have been symptom free for a minimum of two weeks. Please notify the church elders if you or a loved one has become ill so we can pray for you and minister to you and your family during this difficult season.

    • Be aware we may only seat 25% of our sanctuary capacity. If you are young and healthy we invite you to sit in the balcony to accommodate as many as possible. We will offer additional services if and when it appears that we may exceed this number.

  2. How should I prepare for attending the in-person services?

    • We strongly recommend bringing cloth or other types of face masks with you to

      the service. A limited number of face masks will be available at the church if needed. This may be the most self-sacrificing and helpful way you can serve your brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • Be prepared to maintain social distancing of 6ft or more. This will be tough for us all; we will have to get used to waves and air hugs for a while...

    • Bring your children and be prepared to keep them with you throughout the service as there will be no children’s ministry or nursery available. We look forward to being together as a family and the preaching pastors are happy to have an enthusiastic shout of praise from our youngest brethren ;).

    • Be prepared and allow extra time for screening at the entrance to the church building. The screening at the door will include taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer as well as asking you if you or a family member have experienced any of the symptoms listed in item 1b above. We recommend you check your temperature before leaving your home.

3. What should my family and I do during service in order to protect my brothers and sisters in Christ?

  • We highly recommend wearing your face mask throughout the service.

  • Maintain 6ft of social distance from the time you exit your car until you return to

    your car. Pay careful attention to areas like close hallways and paths where it may be difficult to maintain distance; do not linger in these areas. Avoid the areas that we normally tend to congregate; clear paths to the pews, restrooms, and exits will be marked out.

  • Be patient with those screening you as you enter the building. They will be working hard to protect you and the congregation as you enter the service.

  • Avoid touching surfaces wherever possible. You will find hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the sanctuary; we encourage you to use them liberally and frequently.

  • In order to maintain social distancing in the pews, every other pew will be closed. Also we are limiting the pews to one per family of 3 or more. If you are a family of 2 or less you may share a pew with a family of 2 or less. Please sit in opposite ends of the shared pew. If you are first to enter the pew sit as close as possible to the wall, if you are second to enter sit as close as possible to the aisle. An usher will be available to direct you.

4. What should my family and I do when service is over?

  • The teaching pastor will give instructions to dismiss at the end of service. We’ll

    give instructions on opportunities to have safe-distance fellowship outdoors.

  • Continue to reach out to one another throughout the week via phone, text, Slack, drive by shout outs, etc. as we ​seek​ to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves by​ serving​ one another and ​sharing the gospel​!

5. What other steps is Renaissance Christian Church taking to ensure safety?

  • We will not offer refreshments at this time.

  • We will thoroughly clean the church facilities between every service.

  • We will supply hand sanitizer and other materials in all bathrooms. Use them liberally.

  • We recommend avoiding touching surfaces wherever possible.

  • We will provide gloves and paper hygiene products for use when operating doors, sinks, and toilets.

  • We recommend washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after using restrooms.

  • We will discourage congregating in the bathroom or halls while waiting for the toilet. Please maintain a distance of at least 6ft while waiting.


--In His grace, love, and power,
Robert, David, John B, John P & Jared


Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing the Gospel

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